Why Rasa model misbehaving?


Our rasa model is not predict right action after the confirmation (/affirm). Is there any way to identify that model trained right or not?

Any tool or approach?


@ayush.c.kumar Hi, It can be happening because in your training data under intent affirm can possibly be present in another intent. Can you share your nlu.yml file and stories.yml file so that I can see the training data.

Hi @ayush.c.kumar, take a look at Testing Your Assistant

Hi @maharana

How to send files one to one ?


You can upload your file here.

nlu.yml (9.7 KB) stories.yml (16.9 KB)

Please find attachments.

@ayush.c.kumar your training data seems to be fine but your stories don’t contain affirm or deny intents. are you using /affirm in buttons as a payload?


Have you added their story, after affirm what should be the action of the bot? Because I don’t see affirm being mentioned in your stories.yml file

We hv added payload dynamic.