Why are my slots not saving in custom actions?


My custom slots are not saving at all. Im trying to make yes-no chat flow but it always repeats one message because slot is empty. Anyone know whats the problem? Im new to this


Can you try:

return [SlotSet('razvoj', 'value')]


What front-end manager you’re using? Botfront?

Hi, its not working still the same. Im not sure what is front-end manager as I’m using school’s platform that provided me for the project.

This is a form? If yes, i think you can take some look on this example with ras FormValidationAction

This repository has other forms examples

I thought this platform very cool :smiley:

@nik202 Do you know what platform is it?

??? @itsjhonny

Hey, i just need simple yes/no story flow chatbot. I tried getting step by step where is slot empty and they get cleared when next story starts. Is there way to prevent that? Also what is best way to do yes/no flow?


I think the best way is using rasa form with buttons and payload

But you are right… it’s stranger why rasa is cleaning the slot. Can make some test and return soon You can share with us your project folder?

@nik202 Sorry, I expressed myself badly Do you know what front-end platform nUKEmAN4 are using to manager his rasa bot? I never saw, but I want to test. I found it interesting :smiley:

I tried buttons and paypload but I think they are disabled, but im not sure (getting bunch of error - buttons not existing etc). In their guides (which are not best made for newbs) there was nothing about buttons and payload. They also using older version of rasa 2.0… Is there any other way to make this? I tried using checkpoints it were going fine for first yes/no question but later it just got lost. The platform I’m using is STEMI Platform (Only those entered by the professor can access).