Why A Story needs to include slot{} If Slots Type is Text When using Form Policy?

Hi All,

On rasa docs, I found that If any of slots are featurized (e.g. text, list), a story needs to include slot{} events to show these slots being set when using Form Policy. Also, I got a warning message when I used form policy without specifying slot value(using slot{}) for text slots on my story:

UserWarning: Action 'A_form' set a slot type 'CITY' which it never set during the training. This can throw off the prediction. Make sure to include training examples in your stories for the different types of slots this action can return. Remember: you need to set the slots manually in the stories by adding '- slot{"CITY": Hong Kong}' after the action.

But from what I understanding, text slot only tells Rasa Core whether the slot has a value. The specific value of a text slot (e.g. Bangalore or New York or Hong Kong) doesn’t make any difference. So here is my question: why should I specify slot value by adding slot{} after form action, if the value itself does not have an impact on training rasa core?

Thank you in advance.

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You are right that the value does not impact the training but what Rasa Core picks up is that whether a value is set or not. To demonstrate that you should use a dummy value for the slot and include it in the stories.