Which Python version on AWS instance?

I have been using Rasa on my mac fine for some months, but can’t seem to get it installed correctly on an AWS instance? Does Rasa expect a particular Python version?


hi @JohnDowding, yes Rasa excepts python 3.6 to run.

3.6 version to be exact or 3.7 can also work?

I can’t get rasa running on my Mac… Which core version and python are you using?

We had no issues with Python 3.6.5.

i read somewhere in issues that python 3.7 has right now no compatibility with tensorflow and also with rasa so its better to have version with 3.6

I used python 3.6 and RASA core version 0.11.12. I was able to use RASA, not sure about the latest version of core, I haven’t updated the version on the Mac.

So i designed my bot on python 3.6.5 on windows os and it running completely fine in AWS instance as well. Use an ubuntu version if you can. It already has python 3.6.5 installed or atleast no python installed. So problem with aws linux server was it already has python27 which is not really a good option to work on with rasa atleast I think that way. So go for a ubuntu instance and download all the python files.

You can find tutorials on how to setup ubuntu server the first time and all the commands you need to run! I’ll find a link i used and send that as well. @JohnDowding