Which processor is recommended for training multiple bots at one time (like 100 bots at one time)

I want to train multiple bots at one time which processor i should get for the purpose.

Hi @noman. Why do you want to train 100 bots at one time?

lets say i have 100 different bots at my server and i need to add some common intent in all the 100 bots and need to train them simultaneously. Which processor can help me doing that with minimum time having 150kb data for each bot

Hi @noman. Are you able to run all 100 bots on one server? Why does it all need to happen on one processor?

Hey @tyd then what’s the best solution . Please suggest one. Thanks

Hi @noman. I am not sure I have enough context to be able to provide a best solution, which is why I am asking some more questions.

Can you elaborate bit more about why you want to have 100 bots on one server and how you plan to run them all on one server? You might not need to train 100 bots on one server, depending on the answer to these questions.

ok, So my requirement is that i want to train 100 bots simultaneously(its my requirement) , how can i achieve this on my local server with maximum efficiency w.r.t time. How can i achieve this? I want solutions as i dont have any. Thanks