Trying to run multiple bots

Hi, everyone. I was looking for some help. I am trying to train and run multiple bots at the same time on a single port (let’s say 3900) . As each bot will have its own model and different model location, how does rasa knows which one to pick for certain user input?

Hello and Welcome @shivam to the forum.

It’s a very interesting approach but very hard to control, for 1 or 2 or even 3 bots is fine but more than that bots running on the same server (I’m not sure how you maintained so many resources for all the bots and running concurrently ). Anyways please visit this thread and try to follow the detailed discussion about your current issue: RASA multiple bots on same server . I hope this will solve your issue and good luck with your project.

Thanks for the response @nik202 . and sorry for the late reply. Although, We managed to load models for different bots on the same port with some customized code.

@shivam no worries, please close this thread for others readers.