Which is the best practice to store product info?

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Which is the best practice to store product info ?

Whether in Database as actions or as Domain(Utter)?

Hi @zekeluther

It is always better to store the information in a DB, or in a Data Lake. Further you can pass that domain knowledge to your bot and it’s pretty easy with RASA. Also, it’s helpful to perform search over the product info based on the user intents either from the DB or Data Lake or with any other search frameworks like ELK and Solr. Thanks

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Heya @zekeluther! But when you say “product info” what do you exactly mean can you please elaborate?

As per storing the data of bot/user conversation, that all depends on your use case and requirements, but per best practice, I’d recommend using Database. There are other means to store the information whilst using tracker.events ( whilst writing small python code you can even save in excel or txt), even as KRKC suggested, you can use Full-stack ELK (Elastic Search, LogStash, and Kibana) this process personally is complex to implement and for that you need to first create the index using elastic search and then for seeing the information you need Kibana Dashboard, If you further need to understand the process please see this blog post by: (Rasa Kibana Dashboard - Greg Stephens) thanks to stephens. If you have further burning questions please feel free to ask. Hope this will help you.

@zekeluther If you satisfied with the suggestion please can I request to close this thread as a solution for others.

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