Where is the documentation for RasaX 1.0.0

Hi, I found the new RasaX v1.0.0 docker image on Docker Hub

However, I can’t find the documentation for the same. I have multiple questions about RasaX 1.0.0

  1. Where is the documentation for this version?
  2. When I deployed RasaX 1.0.0 it asks for a username and password. What is the default username and password on a fresh deployment?
  3. Is RasaX 1.0.0 compatible with Rasa Open Source 3.0.0?


@snpranav Hello and welcome to our community!

Let me guide you, If you are trying to install rasa x on the server using docker then the current version of the image is Rasa X v1.0.0 which is the latest as I can see on this link Docker Hub. On the other hand, Rasa Open source is a different entity and Rasa X is a different entity, i.e 3.0 and 0.42.5 or 0.42.6 respectively. So far if you are looking for documentation for rasa x 1.0.0 that is Introduction to Rasa X/Enterprise is latest, if you want to see the lower versions of Rasa X you need to select the bottom left screen drop down option as shown in below pic:

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 10.32.13 PM

Now comes your 3 points:

  1. Here is the documentation of Rasa’s X latest Introduction to Rasa X/Enterprise don’t compare with docker hub version image which is 1.0.0

  2. It depends on which method you are using, you need to see the .env Ref: Installation Guide file for the username and password if it mentioned already or I have docker installation mode for my server ref:

cd /etc/rasa
sudo python3 rasa_x_commands.py create --update admin me <PASSWORD>

Ref: Installation Guide see point 4 it asked to create the password and also see Docker Compose Manual Install in details.

  1. No currently Rasa launched the version for only Rasa Open Source, and team are working now for Rasa X, so you have to wait patiently for some time.

I hope, I cleared all your doubt? If you still have any further doubts please do let us known. Hope this will solve your query. Good Luck!

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FYI, the doc for Rasa X 1.0 is online. :blush:

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