When using ResponseSelector, response text is not being chosen randomly

Hi everyone. I’m trying ResponseSelector pipeline now. And I have noticed that it doesn’t pick a random text from responses.md file, unlike the same idea for templates. Instead it always picks the first row.

Is it a bug or something?

For instance if I have the following in my responses.md file. Though it responds only with the texts of first rows: “Hey!” and “- You are welcome!”.

## greetings
* chitchat/Greeting
- Hey!
- Hello!
- Hi! How can I help?

## thanks
* chitchat/Thanks
  - You are welcome!
  - Thank you too. You're welcome!
  - Welcome! :)

@erohmensing sorry for resisting on this,

I just want to know is there a chance to use several texts for responses or not for now.

You’re right, for responses, it’s not possible at the moment.

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May ResponseSelector config the confidence, only return the result which confidence greater than our setting?

@kukuxiahuni do you mean whether the ResposeSelector will integrate with the fallback policy and their thresholds?