When should one use categorical slots and when lookup tables

Just wanted to check if my understanding is correct.

Do I use categorical slots when I am searching for generic items that can be used in day to day conversion such different items inside a house (e.g. mobile phone, computer, etc.) and a lookup table when it something more specific such as laptop brands (apple, dell, hp) or mobile brands (apple, oneplus, samsung), etc.?

Hello @giannissc and thanks for your question! I would say it depends of your use case. Slots are a way to store information on a conversation (things the end-user wants to do, buy, etc…) for later use in the conversation or bot actions (you can read more about slots here). On the other hand, Lookup tables can be used to generate regular expressions from a long list of things (laptops models or laptop brands in your case), used to train your bot on intent recognition and entity extraction.

I hope this answers your question :slight_smile: