Slot type

Hi , I am trying to build a bot to answer leave balance , For now I have 7 types of leave and I am not sure either to you Categorical slot , or list type , Actions are called via python

Also , what if user selects multiple categories , How to handle that ?

Regards, Aashay

Hi @Aashay1,

Using a categorical slot type is a good choice is you always have only 1 category at a time.

If you might need to use multiple values at once, then a list slot is appropriate.

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Hi Arjaan,

Thanks for quick reply , But lets say I have a sick leave , paid leave , short leave and half day. and when the user asks "whats my [leave] balance " the bot should reply all the leaves and when the user asks "how many [sick leave] and [paid leave] are pending .

Also can, for eg [sick leave] can be classified and leave and sick leave ?

Thank you Aashay