When asking user input to fill the forms rasa displays custom fallback action message

In my rasa chatbot when I’m using forms and when asked user input like whats your name then when user enters my name is Jhon then it shows custom fallback message(1 stage fallback method I’m using). How to solve this issue?

It would be great if you provide your story & intent. Also refer this -> Build Contextual Assistants with Rasa Forms. While running the running the bot keep debug flag on so that you can come to know confidence level of your intent getting selected. Hope. It helps!


story About Dima - Product - DNS Work - Deny - Bye

  • greet
    • utter_welcome
    • utter_askname
  • name{“PERSON”:“action_save_name”}
    • slot{“PERSON”:null}
    • action_save_name


  • name



slots: PERSON:

   type: unfeaturized