Whatsapp Approved Template to use in RASA

Hey , i am building a whatsapp chatbot and i have an approved templates from whatsapp (twillio). Now i want to use it in Rasa . How can i use that?

(Basically when a user enters Hey in chatbot as an intent , (I want to respond with that default approved template) how can i do that?

@Gauravk Heya! You want to integrated RASA with Whatsapp with the default greeting message? Right

Hey , nik i am already using a greeting message , i want to use button in whatsapp chatbot , and i got template approved by whatsapp i need to use that template as a greeting message in whatsapp.

@Gauravk You confused me sorry, you want to use button and you want to use template as greeting message? can you explain with example.

Hey Nik , sure no problem So currently i am using this

Now instead of 1 ,2 and 3 i want to use buttons (For using button in Whatsapp , you need template approved from whatsapp which is already approved for us. Now i am not sure how to use that Template in chatbot.

Hope that clarifies.