What's the recommend TPU for rasa training

Hi I’m Ryan Cheng from Shoalter, recently my boss asked me why training model takes too long.
So I replied because I’m use CPU instead of GPU.

After I did the performance test on GPU (with Azure), the boss still thinks the process takes too long.
I didn’t find any topic about this,
So I’m here,
please tell me which TPU is reommend for rasa training (or GPU better than NC6s v3 instance)

Any reply you make are greatly appreciated.

Ref: https://azure.microsoft.com/zh-tw/pricing/details/virtual-machines/linux/#n-series

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You need a GPU that supports the CUDA driver. Rasa uses Tensorflow and the requirement is described here.

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Thanks for you reply!

@RUI-LONG whether it worked.How many time does it takes to train

@stephens How can i train rasa model within 1 min. In my scenario I have this How I Use Docker To Train Rasa 2.1.x Bots On A GPU | by ___ | Towards AI to improve performance.But its not working . MY scenario is e.g How many minutes should it take for 30 intents(each consisting of 17 examples)? For me, it is taking 5-6 minutes on a decent size server.

How long should take …I also trained through colab using GPU it takes 2 mins .But I want to train within 1 minutes to 50 seconds.How many minutes will it take for 30 intents(each consisting of 17 examples)?