Rasa Assistent trained on GPU slower than on CPU

Hello! The assistant model is trained on the CPU faster than on the GPU. I turning off support of CUDA in OS (remove modules cudatoolkit and cunn). What could be the problem and how to fix it? Please help me.

OS: Linux Manjaro KDE GPU: Geforce 750Ti CPU: AMD FX6300 (six core) Rasa: 2.8 Python: 3.8 Tensorflow 2.6

Data time of train NLU Inizialize Core Total |CPU 1st train| 00:03:14| 00:01:00| 00:02:24| 00:06:38| |CPU 2nd train| 00:03:17| 00:01:00| 00:02:22| 00:06:39| |GPU 1st train| 00:01:30| 00:01:00| 00:17:31| 00:20:01| |GPU 2nd train| 00:01:23| 00:01:00| 00:16:55| 00:19:18|