What version of Rasa on Udemy Courses?

When I did the Rasa Developer Certificate, the version used was still 1.x and I had to adapt quite a few things to run a future proof version.

What version of Rasa is taught in the following Udemy Courses:

  • Rasa Advanced Deployment Workshop
  • Rasa Advanced Custom Actions, Forms, & Responses Workshop

How relevant are these to Rasa 2.x? Are they worth it or should I just stick to the docs?

Hi @kaiogu, The advanced deployment workshop is sort of version-agnostic - it’s mostly focused on the high-level architecture, Kubernetes, managing the containers, etc., so all of the material should carry over from 1.x to 2.x. The custom actions advanced workshop does use 1.x - it’s on our list to update.

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Thanks @yennycheung, do you have an estimate for when we can expect to get these updated courses?

Hi @kaiogu, unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA for you at the moment. :frowning: