What is the exact difference between Slots and Entity

I have checked the recent videos on Rasa’s Youtube Channel where they discussed about both Slots and Entities. However, I wasn’t able to find the clear line between the two. From my practical use of Rasa, I have been able to do almost everything with Slots, and haven’t been able to make much use of Entities.

So my question is, what is something that Entities is able to do, that Slots isn’t. Because so far, I think Slots is able to do anything that Entities does.

Thanks for your time!!!

@BrookieHub Hi, and very interesting question :slight_smile:

Can you please see this thread for your question, in this from rasa team member explain everything about entity and slots in detail with reference.

I hope this will answer your question and solve your query! Good Luck!


Quick answer:

Entities are reset at the next message, while slots are for long-term memory :slight_smile: