What else slows training other than nlu and domain?

One of my bots is training very slow and I can’t seem to understand why. To troubleshoot whether it was my NLU, domain, actions, config file, stories or rules, I copy and pasted the text from the bot that was running slow to a demo bot by rasa (the retail bot).

The demo retail bot trains pretty quick, while it can take over 20 minutes to train my bot. This was true even after I copy and pasted all 6 of those files. I also deleted the model files from my bot’s folder and it didn’t help. With the copy and pasted text into those 6 files, the retail demo bot replicates my existing bot (except for some server files that helps it run on AWS).

Is there something in a rasa folder that can cause a bot to train very slow other than those files? My solution may just to be to copy and paste into a new bot, but I’d sooner understand what happened.