Webchat and voice chat

I followed the tutorial for making the voice chat. This works, but the name socketio is conflicting with my webchat. Is there a solution for this or where can I edit the channel that the voice chat uses? I have searched between the files but I can’t locate where the voice chat url is set

Hi @ice2tricky. Can you share the error you getting regarding that?

Hi @Juste,

I’m getting the following error, when I build.

AssertionError: A blueprint with the name “socketio_webhook” is already registered. Blueprint names must be unique.

It’s correct the custom connector is using the same name. So if I would change the name from the custom connector it will work. But couldn’t find how to change the name from the webhook in the voice interface.

I am facing the same error. I bumped to this thread while searching if this has been previously resolved.

If you were able to resolve this, could you kindly explain how was it done .