Web interface chatbot for Rasa?

I have tried to get webchat (GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront) to working in Azure environment for almost month but so far not succeeded. It works perfectly on my VirtualBox environment.

I’m now looking for other alternatives. requirements are that it runs on web page and on some cloud service, don’t need to be Azure. Also it could be good if you can run it in docker container.

what’s your question?

Not really question but recommendation about web chat interface for Rasa chatbot. Recommendation of what you have successfully done and can share steps how to do it

You can use NGINX ,i have also struggled in the beginning but moving forward everything works fine for me.

@Arunshowri can you pls tell us how to use rasa chatbot uisng nginx?? Can u please share us any reference ya documentation for the same.

First of all make a reverse proxy for the URL on which your chat bot is live (RASA X). check this may be you’ll get an idea NGINX reverse-proxy