Want to format text in multiple lines

I tried using \n and \ \n for the same, but both dont work.

For example my text is - Hello I am Shreya. I am from Mumbai.

I want the output to be - Hello I am Shreya. I am from Mumbai.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

@Shreya What you want? Your output? It’s look same to me… What is your frontend?

You’ll need to implement that in your frontend

Hey Nik,

suppose my text says - what are you doing today? I want all the words to come in separate lines, one below the other

@Shreya Hey! Ok, means you want something like this?


Is that right? But can I asked why you want such type of format?

@Shreya We, in conversation design format for FAQs try to provide the minimum lines of answers (which fit in the chatbot screen), if we have longer answers then we add [read more…] (https:rasa.com)

@Shreya You can archive any format markdown. But, please can you tell me which front end you are using.

So we are are getting response from backend. Want to format it into different lines, so that it looks clean.

@Shreya Ok.

 - text: | 
       - what
       - are
       - you
       - doing
       - today 
       - ?

This will come line by line, within a few sec.

Next, separate line in one output:

  - text : " what \n
             you \n 

As, I told you before its all depends on the front end, what is your frontend?

@Shreya Can I request please close this thread as a solution so that I can refer to others please. if you got the solution. Good Luck!

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