Voice integration with Rasa Python

Hi all,

How can I integrate voice with my Rasa assistant in Python. Starting with interaction via Terminal is fine, so see Rasa response on my Terminal and send a new user reply in speech.

Any help appreciated thanks

The speech-to-text part is not related to Rasa.

Once you have text, you can POST it to Rasa via the REST API to http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook and get a reply.

The request’s body should be a JSON message of the form {message, sender}, with message the text string to parse, and sender the sender ID string (try to have 1 sender ID per user).

How can I have 1 different sender ID per user, every time they open/start a chat? thanks @ChrisRahme

That depends on how you implemented your application.

If you want a user to always have the same ID, you can use their username or cookies as Sender ID. Otherwise you can just generate a random UUID for example each time they open the app/website.