Very large custom form


I am coding a very large e-commerce form with more than 20 slots. It depends on the product the bot ask about some slots, so only a few slots are required for a product. This is ok and running with the function required_slots like this.

I would like to know if there is a limit for slots in a form. I am having an issue because every slot has an action_ask_… like this and the actions server do not register all action_ask_… I have more than 20 action_ask_… for this form and it only display me the last one (action_ask_familia_producto_form_potencia_va). See picture below.

This happen in the form, when it has to ask about an action_ask that do not appear registered. See picture below.

So, I would like to know if there is a limit for custom actions ask in a form. I am usign rasa-sdk 2.6.0 and rasa 2.6.2.


did you list this action in the actions/domain?

Hi @RodrigoLima ,

Yes I have listed them. In the domain at the actions section.


And in the actions too.

I found the solution. I was overwritting the name of the class in the, all the action_ask has the same name. I rename the name class with the name of the slot. I change ‘AskForSlotAction’ → ‘AskForSlotActionTipoLuz’ and problem solved.