Values without color in NLU training tab

In latest Rasa X (0.25.2 and 0.26.0), in “NLU training” tab I can’t see anymore colors for categorical values / synonyms (while it’s ok if I downgrade to 0.25.1 as an example). I just see colors for entities/slots of type text/list. If I click on any word of the sentence, I see that values are properly recognized and the conversation is working fine too; it just looks like a frontend issue.

@erbo could you post a screenshot of what you mean?

Sorry, it’s not easy to explain it :slight_smile:

I reproduced the issue with moodbot, adding a simple entity/slot with this config in my domain.yml file:

- example

    type: categorical
    - EX_1
    - EX_2

After adding an example in my data/ like:

## intent:greet
- hello [first example](example:EX_1)

If I write hi first example in rasa-x, I see that the intent is recognized correctly and the entity/slot too. If I go to NLU training tab I see that sentence, but first example is not highlighted and annotated with a color like it used to be in older versions of rasa-x (see the attached screenshot). Therefore it’s not easy to understand if an entity has been recognized correctly, without inspecting every single sentence.

If I annotate a word manually I see it highlighted and colored normally.

@erbo are you sure it’s actually recognising the entity? I can’t reproduce the behaviour you’re describing

Yes, I’m quite sure. I can use everything normally with rasa shell as an example, and testers are not having issues in real conversations. It just looks like a frontend issue.

In my real project (moodbot was just an example in order to reproduce the issue in a smaller project), I noticed it after upgrading rasa x.

Can it be maybe related to synonyms? Can you try adding these lines to your I forgot to mention it in the previous reply. Everything else is just the standard moodbot created with rasa init .

## synonym:EX_1
- first example

Thanks and let me know if I can do anything else to help you troubleshooting!

@erbo you are actually right, when there’s a synonym it doesn’t work. we’ll look into it

I’ve created an issue which you can follow to keep track of our progress: Issue with rendering entities with synonyms · Issue #5436 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub