Using the "mention" mechanism outside the knowdge-base actions

is it possible to use the mention mechanism outside the “knowledge-base” actions? or this is specific feature around that…

What do you mean by the “mention” mechanism? Can you please elaborate a bit?

@Tobias_Wochinger Knowledge Base Actions have this mention feature that involves multiple features to keep track of a list of objects and resolve mentions of such as “first one”, “it”, “last one”, “any of them” etc.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. Sure you can use this outside of knowledge base actions. Just annotate these mentions in your NLU training data for Rasa Open Source to detect these. You then need a custom action which handles them (e.g. replaces it with an entity extracted from the last message)

Thanks, Tobias. @eyal8698 here is your answer :slight_smile: so you’d need to rebuild the mention mechanism in your actions.

Some kind of hooking system (maybe pipelines) could help generalize mention mechanism to be used in any action.