Using Telegram + Rasa + Heroku

Hi everyone!, Iḿ trying to make a telegram chatbot using Rasa.

I have a Heroku deployment of my app ( ) that I have done with Docker. At this moment the only thing that I can do is make a curl just like this example:

$curl -d ‘{“text”:“hola”}’

So now I want to connect my bot to telegram using the Heroku domain.

Has anyone an idea on how to do it? Thanks:)

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Hey @mariasanzs, did you follow these steps?

Thanks for your response,

Yes I have tried just like this:


access_token: “myaccesstoken”
verify: “mybot”

webhook_url: ""

and it doesn´t work. I don´t know if I am doing it in the right way. Probably I´m wrong.

I see. When you say “it doesn’t work”, are you running into some kind of error somewhere, or what is it that you actually observe?

I mean, it doesn´t do anything in Telegram. It is like the bot is not active.

I have to specify that when I try it with ngrok, it works: (webhook URL:https:/

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@mariasanzs Are you able to make a POST request to the Heroku deployment with the REST channel enabled? If not, it could be an underlying networking issue.

Hi! This is what I get when I try a POST request:

So, the result is an empty list, after that, I browsed through the Heroku logs:

So the server process the message “Hola” and obtains that the intent is “saludar” but nothing else.

At the end you can see an error R14 - Memory Quota Exceeded. That’s probably why it doesn´t work but I don´t know what to do.


@mariasanzs We generally recommend allocating at least 2GB of memory on a VM that’s running a Rasa server. Is there any way you’d be able to scale up the machine’s resources?

From what I have seen, there isn´t a way to scale up in Heroku with the Free Trial.

Anyone knows another Open Source service to deploy the Rasa bot?