Using rest API in a mobile app in flutter

Hi, we are developing a mobile chatbot app on Flutter. We have installed the latest version of rasa X on an Azure VM Ubuntu 20.04 instance using docker compose. However, we are not sure how to open credentials.yml file, enable rasa REST API, and do tests in Flutter.

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@RENATO Did you said docker, right so you can able to see the container, and inspect the container i.e app file and you will find the credentials.yml file and you can edit using nano command or even copy from container to host. Please share the docker ps and docker file snippet.

Hi, I am attaching the docker ps file and I use ls to view the following files:

@RENATO Do you know basic commands of docker and I can see there is files? What is your machine? Window, Linux etc

We are an apprentice team and we are working on Linux machines and also we are beginners using Docker.

@RENATO try nano and file name in terminal i.e

nano credentials.yml


Please see this video ref:

do share me the error, I am here and please reply fast. Thanks.

@RENATO please tick on this :slight_smile: for solution.

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Thank you very much!

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@RENATO Happy to help you. Please close this thread with the solution for others.