Integration of Rasa with Flutter

hello everyone, I have created a chatbot using rasa open source and now I want to integrate it with a flutter mobile app, I have created a chat interface in the app. I have used mongodb with rasa to store information which chatbot retrieves using custom actions. I want to run Rasa api on my local machine,which should communicate with my flutter app. Using enable-api command I can start it on my local server but I want to know how to integrate it with my flutter app, Also, is this enable-api command also includes custom action server or I have to make two different Apis? Can anyone please elaborate how can I do this

You’ll need to enable the REST or Socket channel in your credentials.yml as discussed here.

By default, the channel will be accessible on http://localhost:5005. You can read about connecting to your local machine here.

There’s an existing flutter app that supports the Rasa REST channel.

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Thank you so much for your response. My question might look dumb but as I am new in rasa, also I have never used api before. My friend is working on the flutter side, Should I provide him only the https link(using ngrok) i.e <ngrok_url>/webhooks/rest/webhook? Again Thanks Alot,