Using Rasa NLU with Microsoft Bot Framework instead of

Hello everyone,

I’d like to know if anyone has tried to integrate Rasa NLU as the NLU backend for Microsoft Bot Framework.

I know Microsoft Bot Framework comes with built-in support for and it makes it much easier to use it as a backend and then test it with the Bot Framework Emulator.

But I’d like to use Microsoft Bot Builder with Rasa NLU.

Has anyone attempted this? What were the results?

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Hi there @nadabou,

We already have a Microsoft Bot as a supported channel – hopefully that page can help you get started with your Microsoft bot :slight_smile:

Hello @erohmensing,

Thank you for your reply! I am talking about using Rasa NLU directly with Miscrosoft Bot Framework, without going through Rasa Core channels to do it.

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Hello @nadabou,

Please share your results about this integration.

Thanks in advance.

@nadabou were you ever able to get this to work? we were also interested in getting this to work.

Yes, We can use Rasa NLU with Bot Framework SDK instead of using rasa core and

Hi @Priyu ,

could you please share some sample code.