Using only Rasa NLU in Python3.8 Script

Hello together. I am currently working on a small smart home assistant project using Python3.8. So far I had used the Snips project for my NLU. Now I would like to switch to a more recent project, like Rasa. Hence my question, which I haven’t really found a good answer to yet: Is it possible to use only the Rasa NLU in a Python3.8 script and if so, how? After installing the Python package rasa, I can’t import this into Python: “can’t open file ‘rasa’”. I guess this is only for command line/local server use? Thanks for your help!

I got it working with the following example code:

rasa train nlu --config config.yml --nlu nlu.yml --out ./ --fixed-model-name rasaModel


from rasa.core.agent import Agent
import asyncio
import json

model_path = "rasaModel.tar.gz"
agent = Agent.load(model_path)

print("NLU model loaded. Type a message and press enter to parse it.")
while True:
    print("Next message:")
        message = input().strip()
    except (EOFError, KeyboardInterrupt):
        print("Wrapping up command line chat...")

    result =
    print(json.dumps(result, indent=2))