Using Microsoft Teams Reaction as feedback

Hi, I’m currently starting to implement what I explained here : Using Microsoft Teams Reaction - Not received message type · Issue #3935 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

To recap I would like to use Teams Reaction on bot message, the goal is to capture when a user use the “angry” reaction upon an answer and save in database that this answer triggered this reaction. Allowing admin to review what caused the reaction and correct/improve the bot.

To do so, I would like to both trigger an answer from the bot and save the information in the database.

I was wondering how shoud I implement the reaction from the bot as it requires NLU intents to be created. I’ve done it the naive way on my server by getting the “type” (which are “angry”, “surprised”, “laugh”…) of the reaction and sending it to the core as if it was a user answer. This allow the user to use “teams reaction” or saying something like “you’re wrong” but this requires a trained NLU/Core to deal with such a story.

I’m afraid this isn’t the best way to do it if I want to do a PR of this, so I would like some advice on how to do it so feel free to help !

One “problem” is that Teams is sending replyToId that is the ID of the message receiving the reaction but this ID is not even store in the trackerstore “event”:“bot”. Shoud I first create a custom tracker store for Teams that use Teams IDs in the database ?