UniqueID for Bot Response in MongoTrackerStore

I have saved user bot conversations in mongotrackerstore which saves the user-bot conversation.

I have built a custom UI using ReactJS for user to interact with bot. The conversation with custom UI and bot is working fine and now I want to add additional features like rate the bot conversation response or like/dislike response from bot etc.

Can someone explain how to mark a particular message within conversation as like/dislike or rate within the mongotrackerstore or in the mongodb custom collection? I can write a program to save the particular message in a custom collection and store the information of like/dislike and rating etc but how to link the custom collection messages to mongodbtracker store ?

I am looking for an unique id for each message within the conversation so that we can tag any information to the message within tracker store or outside the tracker store.

I know sender id or conversation id is unique in mongotrackerstore but how to identify a message uniquely within the conversation. Also I know that each user message can be identified using message_id within the mongotrackerstore but how about the response ? Sometime for a single message from user the Bot can give multiple responses (multiple utter in stories.md for an Intent)