Using LUIS NLU instead of RASA NLU

Hi, I want to use LUIS NLU instead of RASA NLU. I have been doing this in 0.13.x version, but somehow unable to integrate with 1.0.7. I have specified the endpoint in endpoints.yml. I am having trouble handling this while “rasa run”. Can someone please share an example on how to use LUIS with 1.0.7?

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Could you please show me how you’ve been doing it in 0.13.x version?

Would also like to know how to do it in the Rasa 1.0.

Has anyone implemented this yet? I really need to try using LUIS instead of Rasa NLU and would love to know how to implement with the new version of Rasa. Looking forward to hearing from you.

In Rasa 1.1.3, you can use it by specifying the nlu enpoint in endpoints,yml

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