Using lookup table for exhaustive list

Hello. If I have a lookup table of US states (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, …) and I want to recognize questions about states, I think I understand I can make a regular expression to recognize a state name. A question might be “Who is the governor of … ?”. Do I need to supply training data with all fifty states, or can Rasa figure out that words in my examples are from the lookup table, and that it should recognize any word from the lookup table? Or am I missing something?

Hello and Welcome to the forum @morris You need to provide some training examples for the states approx 10-12 will do the work and then the lookup table will fetch the states from the mentioned states. It will only give the response on the mentioned states rest he will enter in fallback or can return any values.

Thank you.

So, in the examples do I put:

Who is the governor of [California]{“entity”:“state”}(state_list)? or Who is the governor of California{“entity”:“state”}? or something else?

Neither of those seems to work, although I could be missing something.

The idea is that I would have a state entity that would be one of the fifty states that the bot could use in its reply.

Thank you.

@morris please see this video hope this will help you: HOW TO EXTRACT NAMES IN RASA X | LOOKUP TABLE | INNOVATE YOURSELF - YouTube (This is only example of how to use lookup for name)

Thank you! That video is exactly on point with regard to my question. The documentation is not clear (at least to me :slight_smile:) that the lookup table is matched up by having the same name as the entity.

@morris Glad this solution helped you :slight_smile: and good luck with your project Morris.