Using Google Assistant with Rasa version older than 1.0

Hey, I wanted to know if we can use the google assistant with versions of rasa that are older than 1.0. If yes, please tell how. Thanks

hi @rishabhlingwal - yes there is a tutorial for that here Going beyond ‘Hey Google’: building a Rasa-powered Google Assistant

But just curious, you’re a new member to the forum. Why use an old Rasa version?

I have some bots that i made in the older versions and haven’t upgraded since, just wanted to know. Also, does the latest version have backward compatibility ? Thanks

there is no backwards compatibility, but your stories and NLU data will still work. So easiest is to install a new version of rasa, run rasa init drop your nlu data and stories and domain into the project folder and run rasa train

Thank you Alan !