Using Docker-Compose with Rasa, Rasa Actions and Rasa Web-Widget


This is not a make or break question, as I have already used docker-compose to deploy my “rasa network”. I am also using a (basically empty) index.html page where I added the rasa web widget. Now I have been wondering, within my docker-compose-containers, I always used my container-names for communication. For example, my action server is running as “action_server” and in the Rasa endpoints.yml file I refer to it as:

  url: "http://action_server:5055/webhook"

In my Actions sctipt, I am also calling a different (self written) API following the same principle and it all works well. However, in my index.html I still have to write the full link:


because otherwise, I am running into a cors error. I was just wondering if someone knew a way to set this up s.t. I can have it referenced as



I am starting my rasa server in my Dockerfile allowing cors:

CMD ["run", "--enable-api", "--cors", "*", "--port", "5005", "--endpoints", "endpoints.yml"]