Using DIETClassifier for extracting entities makes no response


I have using DIETClassifier for my entity extraction, and this is my pipeline:

  - name: SpacyNLP
    model: en_core_web_sm
  - name: SpacyTokenizer
  - name: CountVectorsFeaturizer
  - name: CRFEntityExtractor
  - name: DIETClassifier
    epochs: 200
    random_seed: 2

and this is example of intents that I have with entities in the nlu file:

version: "2.0"

- intent: flight_search_intent
  examples: |
    - I want to [travel](Search_flight)
    - I want a travel [ticket](Search_flight)
    - I want a [flight](Search_flight) ticket
    - find a [flight](Search_flight) for me please
    - find a [flight](Search_flight) for me, please
    - Can you please find a [flight](Search_flight) ticket for me?
    - I want to book a [flight](Search_flight) ticket
    - I want to book a [ticket](Search_flight)
    - Can you please find a [flight](Search_flight) for me?
    - I want to book a [flight](Search_flight) asap
    - I want to book a [flight](Search_flight)
    - I am looking for a [flight](Search_flight)
    - find a [flight](Search_flight) for me
    - I wanna to [travel](Search_flight)
    - I need a [trip](Search_flight)

# 2) flight_search_intent_with_daeparture_and_destenation_cities_and_departure_date:
- intent: flight_search_intent_with_daeparture_and_destenation_cities_and_departure_date
  examples: |
    - I am looking for a [flight](Search_flight) from [Arrabury]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [Annaba]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} [Tomorrow](departure_date).
    - I want to book a [flight](Search_flight) from [Dammam]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [Jeddah]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} on [14/05/2022](departure_date).
    - I want to book a [flight](Search_flight) from [Berlin]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [San Francisco]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} on [30/1/2021](departure_date).
    - Can you please find a [flight](Search_flight) for me from [Al Madinah]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [Abha]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} on [3-4-2020](departure_date).
    - Book a [flight](Search_flight) from [Al Kharj]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [Bonthe]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} [Today](departure_date).
    - Book a [flight](Search_flight) from [Colombo]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [Paris]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} on [January,21st,2020](departure_date).
    - find a [flight](Search_flight) for me from [Berlin]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [San Francisco]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} on [January,21st,2020](departure_date).
    - I want to [fly](Search_flight) from [Berlin]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [San Francisco]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} on [17th January 2021](departure_date).
    - I wanna [trp](Search_flight) from [Berlin]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [San Francisco]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} on [17th January 2021](departure_date).
    - I need a [flight](Search_flight) from [Berlin]{"entity": "city", "role": "departure"} to [San Francisco]{"entity": "city", "role": "destination"} [Tomorrow](departure_date).

and this is example of my stories:

#1) Flight serch function stories:
- story: flight_search_function_story_1
  - intent: greet
  - action: utter_greet
  - intent: flight_search_intent
  - action: utter_ask_about_trip_kind
  - intent: provide_round_trip
  - action: utter_ask_about_departure_city
  - intent: provide_departure_city
  - action: utter_ask_about_departure_date
  - intent: provide_date
  - action: utter_ask_about_destination_city
  - intent: provide_destination_city
  - action: utter_ask_about_return_date
  - intent: provide_date
  - action: utter_suitable choices
  - action: utter_something_else
  - intent: thanking
  - action: utter_welcome_thanks
  - intent: goodbye
  - action: utter_goodbye

and this is a part of my domain files where I listed all the intents, entities and the responses:

version: "2.0"

  - afternoon
  - morning
  - provide_date
  - nice_to_meet
  - provide_destination_city
  - get_Kind_of_cities
  - waiting
  - get_weather
  - greet
  - goodbye
  - goodnight
  - welcome_thanks
  - provide_one_way_trip
  - nice_to_talk
  - askingAboutDoingWithName
  - askingAboutDoingWithOutName
  - flight_search_intent_with_daeparture_and_destenation_cities_only
  - flight_search_with_destenation_only
  - flight_search_intent
  - provide_email
  - flight_search_intent_with_daeparture_and_destenation_cities_and_departure_date
  - provide_departure_city
  - evening
  - see_again
  - bot_challenge
  - provide_issue_deatils
  - user_waiting
  - well_done
  - sorry
  - get_Hoppies
  - thanking
  - flight_search_with_departure_only
  - provide_round_trip
  - provide_name
  - provide_phone_number
  - Connect_agent
  - place_to_visit

  - return_date
  - phone
  - provide_name
  - get_issue_details
  - weather_type
  - round_flight
  - report_issue
  - one_way_flight
  - hobby
  - return_decision
  - city_type
  - Search_flight
  - email
  - departure_date
  - name
  - city:
        - departure
        - destination

  - text: "Hi I am Tickie! How can I help you?"

  - text: "Here is something to cheer you up:"
    image: ""

  - text: "Did that help you?"

However, when I train my chatbot with rasa train command, and I tested it with rasa shell command, it gives only a response with the first input from the user(me) and then the responses stopped working! I am finding of the error and the solution for 2 weeks and I did not find it, this is an example:

can someone help me? or if I have any errors in my files that I mentioned above can someone tell me what is the errors? I followed the rasa documentation for the domain files and how to define the entities in the intents but I faced this problem, and all the explanasion I found on the internet is not with rasa 2.0 so I cannot know what is the problem

However, when I remove the entities form the domain file It has responses! but it is being like that:

saying add the entities to the domain file, and as I showed you before when I added them the responses stop working