Using BERT for Q&A in RASA

I am trying to create a chatbot that can use both the ‘stories’ sequences in RASA to control the sequences of a conversation but also allow the user to ask Qs using BERT.

My example would be a dialog that follows the structure of a recipe, but the user and also ask questions and get answers using BERT trained on the dataset.

Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? Will I need to run two models at once? or have two models but run them in a sequence?

Any advice or help would be much appreciated as I am really stuck on this.

I think you can have the BERT model and all the features you want as a another service and access it using a custom action from the bot

This sounds interesting !! Do you know of any examples or something that I can follow to achieve this? I am relatively new to RASA. Thanks for responding :slight_smile: