Using action_session_start with a custom action server


I was wondering if it is planned to allow action_session_start to work with a rasa action server. The docs for rasa action server (Introduction to Rasa Action Servers) state:

A Rasa action server runs custom actions for a Rasa Open Source conversational assistant.

Looking at there is no reference to the action_endpoint for the ActionSessionStart class, so it looks like this is currently not possible. Is there a practical reason for this, or has it just not been implemented? Would a PR to support this feature be welcome?


Hi @gazler do you want to run a custom action on your action server to override the default action_session_start behavior?

@gazler Does this mean that ‘action_session_start’, which was formerly supported in ‘legacy’ Rasa V1.x, no longer works in the current version of Rasa V 2.x?