Use cases for HTTP API, Rest API and rasa.core.agent

Hey there,

I am wondering when to use the HTTP API, the Rest API or rasa.core.agent. My current setup is a Django Server which uses a Slack App as front-end.

Now I want to add Rasa to make an intelligent bot, but am not sure how to correctly deploy Rasa there. I read through the docs for all three concepts, but I am still a bit confused. From what I gathered, the HTTP API is not designed for doing conversations with the bot, which leaves the Rest API and rasa.core.agent. Are there fundamental differences between using the Rest API webhook and running a script which uses Rasa Agents?

I would be glad if someone could enlighten me, I really am a bit lost.


Follow one of the standard deployment methods for Rasa (quick install is good) and then use one of the Widgets (new rasa chat widget or botfront widget for your Django site). No need for the HTTP or agent APIs.

@Simskii I am not an expert on Dijango server but please you can see this blog:

Hope this will help and solve your query.