Upload csv file in RASA

I am having 14 year of experience in technical support domain. I need to upload csv file to Rasa Chatbot and do some back end process using rasa custom action. Please suggest some best way with one sample example

1 domain file 2. story file 3. nlu file 4. action.py

hi @santosh160778 - how you achieve this depends on the channel where you are running your bot. If it is a custom channel (like a website widget) you should be able to create a ‘file upload’ button in javascript and include that in your message payload. This is a bit of frontend work though, not something you would really implement in Rasa

@amn41: Say, its a normal HTTP channel. And, we get a JSON payload. This JSON payload should be fed to a Java endpoint, which updates / adds some data. And, then RASA bot should reply back saying “Upload done successfully”. How does one achieves this end to end flow ?