Updating the slot value after passing once

I am trying to update the value once my whole conversation is done but i am not able to update it.

I tried ordering pizza then at the end i wanted to change the size of pizza

Is it achievable??

I am attaching the screenshot of my conversation with RASA bot for reference.

One of the options can be:

  • Create an intent “change_order”; When triggered call an action that seeks for “large” text/entity. If needed set it to a slot; do what you want with it.

Hi @nonola ,

Thanks for the suggestion, My question is its not basically just the “large” text/entity, it can be anything even my pizza toppings can also change, so is there any option with which we can make it more dynamic?

Thanks & Regards

You could follow previous recommendation and also recognize the toppings and anything else that you want to change.

Your input> I want to change to large 
# Detecting the intent_change and entity `large` size found using custom action to change the slot to large
> Changing to a large pizza 
Your input> I wan to add mushrooms
# Detecting intent_change, entity `add` (modifier?) and entity `mushroom` topping
> Adding mushrooms to your pizza. Your pizza has the following toppings: pepperoni and mushroom

This is something you would have to program in the custom action to deal with the entities found in the user input.

Additionally, you could create a new form that asks what you want to change (size, toppings, etc) and let you re-answer the question. You could use dynamic form behavior to decide what slots to request again based on your answers.

Your input> I want to change something in my pizza
> What would you like to change: size/toppings/crust
Your input> size
> What size would you like?
Your input> large
> Ok. Anything else? size/topping/crust/done