Unable to upload model in RASA X after docker compose installation

We have installed the below versions of RASA X using the instructions at:




After installation, we are able to open RASA X in the browser from another desktop but we are unable to see any models nor are we able to upload any new models. While trying to upload model, sometimes it returns upload failure and other times it returns upload successful. But even in successful attempts, the models are not updated.

Is there any issue with the recent versions of RASA X?

Do you have any error logs?

@Tobias_Wochinger, Thank you for your reply. We were able to solve it earlier. There were several issues during the installation, due to our network proxy settings . Sorry, I dont have the logs now. But I think this particular issue had something to do with the ownership of the /etc/rasa/db directory. Somehow, during our installation, this owner was root initially. I think it later started working when the ownership of /etc/rasa/db was set to 1001. That is the best I could remember. :slightly_smiling_face:

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