Unable to save logs file

I am using Rasa 1.0.0rc5. and running rasa from the examples/mobilebot/ folder as in github using command rasa run -m models --enable-api --endpoints endpoints.yml -p 5005 --log-file chat_logs

But I am unable to save any logs in the log file. Als I am unable to locate any log file in the whole rasa folder. I have downloaded the development version of rasa from github 2 months back.

How to save logs file?

There was a problem with the log files not being written several months ago. So almost nothing got written to them, but I guess that should have already been fixed in the version you use. Do you see the log messages in the CLI?

@IgNoRaNt23, I am able to see the logs on screen when i am running rasa as server in debug mode. However, no logs file are created

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