Turn external NLG server call on/off based off slot values

Is something like this in realm of what’s possible?

I have a series of button based ‘onboarding’ questions followed by an NLG session. I would like to start and stop the session based off slot value.

Can the class CallbackNaturalLanguageGenerator be edited to to swing traffic towards another endpoint-- for example customs actions based off slot value? or the domain file (the tracker is accessible in this class)…

I hacked together something, but it failed to generate a template for message when passed to the dispatcher…) ( also using 11.2… rasa_core)

This is currently not possible. You could implement your own custom NLG generator within Rasa Open Source and instruct Rasa Open Source to load your custom module.

What is your use case? To be honest, this seems a bit like an architectural smell to me :thinking:

( also using 11.2… rasa_core)

I highly recommend to switch to a mature version of Rasa Open Source (> 1.0). There is a ton of features, fixes in the new releases. The old rasa_core releases are no longer maintained and while changing to Rasa Open Source should be still relatively smooth, the effort to switch will get more and more the longer you wait.

Hi @Tobias_Wochinger, Could you point me to any docs/guides to do the following?

I guess a separate NLG server is the cleanest solution: NLG Servers