Trouble with 2.4 make run-cmdline when Building a Voice Assistant per Rasa Blog Post

I apologize if I am wasting time, but I’m eagerly wanting to get a sample voice assistant working, per Juste’s great blog post: How to build a voice assistant with open source Rasa and Mozilla tools

I’m stuck at 2.4. When I execute: make run-cmdline, I get the following message: make: *** No rule to make target `run-cmdline’. Stop.

Has the demo repo changed? I can’t find this command in the Makefile.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hey @BigDave641. It’s great to see you are building voice applications with Rasa and none of the questions asked here are a waste of time :wink: In fact, you caught and raised a very good issue here - Sara demo recently went through a few updates which resulted in some changes inside the Makefile. Those changes were not reflected in the tutorial and that’s the reason you are getting an error. I have updated the command in the tutorial. Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi @Juste. Thanks for the encouragement and reply. I’m just coming back to this now.

At 3.3 when I execute the I get the following console message: site-packages/deepspeech/", line 40, in init status, impl = deepspeech.impl.CreateModel(*args, **kwargs) TypeError: CreateModel() takes at most 2 arguments (5 given)

On the Github repo I see someone else has had the same issue. And I saw a similar thread on the Mozilla Discourse that is similar, but doesn’t resolve for me. Could you please advise?

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hey, i have the same problem and i think This code is old. Please, which version of DeepSpeech is used ? or how to update its use ?

I got the same problem in step 2.4. cant not run (make run-cmdline ). how can I solve this issue?