Trigger intent classification from custom action

Because I have user inputs with many sentences and many (multiple) intents, I try to split the input in sentences. Then I would like to classify each sentence separately.

By the way, I have just one big rasa form and a validate-custom-action for that.

Now I split the input text, which I got from tracker, and I am trying to trigger classification process for each sentence.

I use the UserUttered(text=“I will buy a flat”)-Event which I return from the run()-method of the validate-custom-action, but it does not work. Nothing happens.

Can you help me?

Do I missunderstand the UserUttered-Event?

If that is not possible, I have to create my own Frontend and split the input before HTTP-API-Request.

We bout have to this same issue. If you get any information then tell me. And If I get any solution then I tell you.