Training without intent


i searched for similar questions in the Forum before posting but i have not found an answer to my question.

I hope i did search enough and thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

I have two projects and would like to use rasa for both if its possible.

First as a chatbot for Instant Messenger with automated replys. No problems here.

For the second Project i want rasa to read an email and categorize it into one of maybe 6 different categories. Since there is much more Information in a email i just want it categorized. I can get already categorized emails as training data. (from a company) But i would rather like to feed it like hundreds of emails with the right category “marked” than to use a few samplemails with intents.

Is Rasa the wrong tool for how i would like to train a bot to classify emails?

Best, Araska

Hi Araska,

Rasa is a tool meant to build digital assistants that can handle dialogues. If your use-case for emails is less on the dialogue spectrum and more in the “classification” spectrum then it may just be easier to use scikit-learn and use a classification pipeline there. The reason why I think your email use-case is less fitting for Rasa is because the system you describe does not really communicate back and forth, it merely needs to read once and apply an appropriate tag.