Training “list” entity


(Ana Gonçalves) #1

Hello! Can someone explain to me how I should train a “list” entity? I did something like: { “end”: 45, “entity”: “data”, “start”: 40, “value”: “d” }, { “end”: 57, “entity”: “data”, “start”: 50, “value”: “c” }, But I’m getting this warning: Found conflicting synonym definitions for u’a’. Overwriting target ‘b’ with ‘c’. Check your training data and remove conflicting synonym definitions to prevent this from happening.

(Caleb M Keller) #2

Can you upload your complete training data? The error message suggests that the problem is actually in the entity_synonyms section.

(Ana Gonçalves) #3

My training data is very big. And I don’t have any synonyms for this entity or for the values…