Tommy (from Sweden.)


I´m really a noob and just curious. I’m a 40 year old librarian from Sweden who used to program simpler things in my youth like some games in pascal and some textadventures. I have always wanted to try some simpler AI stuff and I was thinking that the world needs a “Robot Tommy” aka Chat bot Tommy.

It would be fun to make something that I actually could use in my work. For example it would be nice if Robot Tommy could give customers the answer to opening hours, it would be really helpful if he could interact with the library’s digital calendar.

Im more of a creative kind of librarian so Robot Tommy would have to be able to give people tips on new books and perhaps articles. Also have the answer to if superman could defeat the incredible hulk.

And make jokes

So. I´m totally new on this. Where would I even begin creating such a monster? It would have to be free and open sorce in case I would want to use it for work.


Hej @Bookman

Welcome to the Rasa community!

We totally agree, the world does need a “Robot Tommy” aka chat bot Tommy, which could help you out with all the things you mentioned. :smiley: Good news is that it is free to use Rasa, and we do have a fantastic open source community here!

So where to even begin with creating such a monster you ask, well, we would suggest checking out our docs, specifically a tutorial on how to get started with Rasa here. You can also find a detailed installation guide here.

Additionally, other members of the community may also have suggestions on what worked best for them when starting out. If they do, this section of the forum “Getting started with Rasa” is probably the best place to find out.

Hope this helps, and look forward to seeing you around Tommy. o7